Candidate for Hillsboro District 21 NH House of Representatives

ELECT Melissa Blasek 2020

Vote for Liberty, Low Taxes, and Limited Government

Melissa Blasek 2020 Candidate for NH House of Representatives

Melissa is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire. She has a background in music and is a music instructor. Her most recent passion is preparing for her potential role in state government.

I was born and raised in New Hampshire. I taught martial arts in Derry before leaving to attend Berklee College of Music where I graduated summa cum laude. I have performed throughout the state and currently own my own business teaching private lessons in Merrimack in voice, guitar, piano, theory, and college preparation for students wishing to pursue music. I have taught workshops on private education and entrepreneurship at Berklee College of Music and my methods have been published.

I am an activist working to protect personal and economic freedom. As such, I have decided to run for state representative in order to work from the “inside” to protect those liberties. I believe in putting freedom first and am ready to uphold individual liberty, foster free enterprise, and promote constitutional, limited government.

Melissa and her family
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My husband and I married seven years ago and moved to Merrimack to start our lives together in this wonderful community. After five years, we decided to start a family and had our daughter. With the birth of our daughter, I felt a new sense of stewardship for my town and state. I want my child to grow up in a safe, healthy, and free society, with access to clean water, educational freedom, and economic prosperity.